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How does education insurance assure the quality of higher education?

Insurance training education trust analyzes the university for all the policies. They do a thorough background check of the university, admission system, and placement record.
A friend of mine, preparing for civil services for years, decided to go for higher education. He cleared his IELTS and GMAT but wasn’t able to pick one university. So he asked his insurance agent which place is better and where he should apply. His insurance agent got it sorted in no time, and he flew to British Columbia for his masters.
The insurance agent took care of his admission, life insurance, and medical claim.
If you are ever unsure about a foreign university, ask your insurance agent about it. They should give you a brief piece of information about the placement and other details.
As the insurance company is liable to pay for any damages under life insurance and medical claims. They make sure that the university is safe, and there is no malpractices when it comes to education and infrastructure.

Which universities need Quality assurance in education through insurance?

Medical colleges, law schools, nursing, and engineering, in short any degree that requires a license to practice in public. Many universities in Russia are still not accredited in other parts of the world. They need additional certificates to practice medicine in some countries. Similarly, in the USA, there is an age limit to study specific engineering courses, which forces students to seek admission in other countries.

It becomes difficult to claim insurance if your university is not accredited with the insurance association. Always check with your agent or insurance company about the university before taking admission.

Once you are sure about the credibility of the university and courses it provides, you can easily opt for a term or permanent insurance to take care of your financial needs.

Some Checks :

  • conducts study programme certification procedure and issue a certificate on certification of the study programme;
  • conducts pedagogy establishment external analysis procedure and problems a certificate on reaccreditation of the upper education establishment supported the reaccreditation report;
  • conducts a periodic assessment of quality of commissioned pedagogy institutions’ work, following the request of a licensed body of establishment or the Ministry;
  • establishes the list of specialists for certification of study programmes, or reaccreditation of establishments supported a public call;



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